SES has been designing, building, and maintaining solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for a full range of sectors, including Commercial, Industrial, Governmental, Educational and Nonprofit. SES can manage your conversion to solar energy both economically and seamlessly.


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A leading integrator of commercial solar electric systems

Based in Brooklyn, New York and founded in 1998, Solar Energy Systems, LLC (SES) is a leading integrator of commercial solar electric systems in the Northeastern United States, including New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

“We are very happy with the work done by solar energy systems and would recommend them to other businesses looking to go green.”

—David Rubin, Developer, Pilgrim Furniture




As a founding member of SES, David has been with the company since its inception in 1998. His first two years building SES were spent after hours “moonlighting” on his day job. He’d been a government bonds broker for a Wall Street brokerage firm and enjoyed most if it, but yearned for more diversity in his daily activity, including time outside. And he discovered he loved being up on the roofs. So he quit his Wall Street gig in 2000 to dedicate everything to SES.

Today, as President, David does everything from meeting with clients and vendors to taking a delivery if no one is available or if he just needs some exercise. He thinks longevity in the solar industry is an asset: “I’ve seen many ups and downs as the industry has grown from a heavily subsidized start-up to what is increasingly becoming a mature space. I respect the effort it takes to organize people and get projects constructed. And I enjoy developing new opportunities, but it's really about executing for the clients who have already committed to working with us.” He believes that life is a team sport.

David has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Fordham University and is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). He was actually one of the first to take and pass the test back when NABCEP began testing in 2004.

David has 5 bikes and 4 BMX scooters — he likes to take clunkers and put minimal cost and effort into making them ridable.

David Buckner, President, Solar Energy Systems (SES)
Christopher Moustakis, Vice President and COO, Solar Energy Systems (SES)

Christopher Moustakis

Vice President

Chris is the Vice President and COO of SES, and has been with the company since 2001. Prior to joining SES, Chris spent five years at international brokerage house Tullet Prebon, overseeing all middle-office operations and staff. He was responsible for processing and clearing all trading activity, with over $10 billion in average daily volume. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Baruch College.

How did Chris become Employee #2? He and David had worked together on Wall Street, and when David decided to leave his day job on Wall Street to grow SES full-time, he asked if Chris wanted to join him. Chris had been working in the bond market and had dabbled in energy stocks, including renewables, so he was on board. He felt it was an exciting opportunity and took the leap.

His experience managing people on Wall Street helped him transition into his role at SES. His responsibilities include employee- and customer-management, estimating, contracts, sub-contractors, investors, banking, accounting, insurance, compliance and legal matters.

A native New Yorker who loves everything the city has to offer, Chris is grateful to have had the opportunity to bring solar to the metropolitan area since 2003: “It is rewarding to do something positive now and for future generations.”

When Christopher was 10 years old, he wanted to be a rock star. His favorite TV game show is Jeopardy — maybe it’s because, when he was a kid, his mom was a three-time Jeopardy champion. (She was a smart lady!) On Sundays, he can be found drinking coffee and reading the New York Times in his backyard.


Nadja Bruder


Nadja joined SES in 2011. She takes care of things that are both operational and organizational, including accounting, strategic management, human resources, and project financing. She’s not afraid to tackle big projects and she does so with lots of energy and organization — SES couldn’t run without her!

Nadja grew up in France, majored in History, and later studied Journalism at the Sorbonne.

When Nadja was 10 years old, her professional aspirations had her on the fence between becoming a Veterinarian and a Rodeo Barrel Racer. Today, she is completely obsessed with onigiri from the local Japanese lunch spot, and she thinks that’s totally natural. ;)

Josh Gray

Director of Operations & Project Management

Josh began his career as an installer at SES in 2011. With his background in solar PV training, construction, and his strong work ethic and problem-solving skills, he was quickly asked to join the O&M team. In 2014, Josh became Director of Operations & Maintenance, measurably improving the quality and consistency of the department. Now, in his role as Director of Projects, Josh uses his freakish, almost Rain Man math skills to navigate projects from the design and permitting phase through commissioning and close-out. Josh is a NABCEP PV Installation Professional.

Josh is a Brooklynite who loves to travel. Before joining SES, he lived in Switzerland to get his MBA at the University of Geneva. And in the spring of 2010, he volunteered with the “Garbage Warriors” building green homes in New Mexico. He studied renewable energy in Costa Rica, built a house in the Hudson Valley, and is an expert at making a great meal out of leftovers.

Mark Groh

Chief Construction Manager

Mark is the job-site lead construction manager and crew wrangler. He has been with SES since 2006. Prior to working with us, Mark was employed as a cabinet maker and can be annoying about straight lines and tidiness. Mark also spent time as an overnight proof-reader for a very large law firm and much prefers working during the daytime (even when it is very hot or very cold). He does not like working in the rain.

Mark has lived on both coasts and studied art in the middle of the country. When he is not getting up very early to work on a roof, he likes to think about all the house projects he should be doing and picking up stray books on the sidewalks of Brooklyn — much to the dismay of his wife.

Jace Campbell

Project manager

Jace manages a team of skilled technicians who maintain over 50 MWs of commercial rooftop PV systems in the tri-state area. Jace attended Bronx College Center for Sustainable Energy and obtained the NABCEP certification.

Since he began as an installer at SES in the spring of 2014, Jace has seen all aspects of construction, from the BOS installation to DC wiring and AC interconnection. He has helped grow an already robust O&M department and enjoys finding new approaches to retrofitting old or faulty PV gear and maintaining the longevity of some of SES’s legacy systems. Recently, he has had the opportunity to manage some new projects in the SES pipeline.

When Jace is not working, you can probably find him catching some waves at Rockaway Beach or shucking oysters in his backyard — Jace can shuck 100 perfect oysters in 25 minutes!

Ray Panchari

project manager

Ray graduated from Drexel University, Philadelphia in 2010 with a Bachelor’s of Science in both Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering. He began at SES in October 2010 as a designer and junior engineer. After working in the engineering department for 4 years, he left us to join an architectural firm and later a Structural Engineering firm.

During that time, he obtained his Professional Engineering (PE) license and is now a registered structural engineer in six states. (Wow, that’s a lotta states!) And, in November 2018, he returned to SES as a Project Manager.

Having previously worked as a solar designer and engineer, he’s able to wear those hats when needed. He’s great at juggling dozens of things at once and keeps it all organized so that anyone can pick up on a project where he left off and not be utterly confused.

Ray has an insatiable sweet tooth—instead of project files filling his bottom desk drawer, it’s filled with snacks like Oreos, Milano cookies, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

He enjoys golf and has even come within a couple strokes of beating the boss out on the links.

Swayam Tripathy

Director of Design

Swayam joined SES as head of design in November 2015. Because she was always interested in getting into the energy sector, Swayam got a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering in India. She also has a Master’s in Power and Energy Systems from New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ and later went on to take (and pass!) the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam.

As Director of Design at SES, Swayam works closely with David, Josh, and Jace on new projects and is responsible for all system designs. She’s a quick-learner which helps her deliver and amend designs at lightning speed. Also, she has this great Excel-based design tool that she shared with the project managers, and they love it!

Originally from India, she trained for 9 years in a classical dance form called Odissi. Her favorite song is Hotel California.

Charles “ASOL” Solomon

Director of Operations & Maintenance

Asol has been with SES since October 2011. He brings many different construction skills to his work, including owning and operating a remodeling company for five years. As Construction Manager, Asol’s main goal on-site was to improve, streamline, and advance how he and the crew approached all tasks.

Asol’s strong solar know-how and personnel management skills made him the obvious choice for a promotion to O&M Director in May 2019. Now, he leads a team of talented technicians collecting data and optimizing performance for more than 60MW of PV Systems spanning the tri-state.

And now, the unabridged history of “Asol”—His full name is Charles Alexander Solomon. He went by Alex Solomon for most of his life. Asol is a play off that (like A-Rod) since he played baseball too. His father (who has the same name) goes by Sol so he couldn’t do that. When he was a bartender, Asol went by Charles, because Asol is a problematic name when serving drunk people—he found that being called Chaz, Chuck, and Chuckles was far worse. So “Asol” it is.

Chris McDermott

Business Development Advisor

Chris leads SES’s responses to Requests for Proposals, conducts electricity analysis and financial modeling, and stays abreast of the ever-changing solar policy landscape, both federally and at the state level. Prior to joining SES, Chris led the solar build-own-operate business unit at Hartz Mountain Industries — regularly recognized as a “Top Corporate Solar User in America” by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

A Canadian by citizenship, Chris was formerly a representative for Canada in the United Nations’ negotiations on the Kyoto Protocol on global warming.

And as the only Canadian who can’t play ice hockey, Chris prefers water in a sloped or liquid state and can regularly be found downhill skiing, surfing, or white-water kayaking.

Ailan Hurley

Business Development

Before joining SES in June 2018, Ailan held many roles in the renewables industry. He was an analyst for an early stage, utility-scale wind and solar development firm. Prior to that, he was in Sales for a solar site originator based in Harlem. And before that, he interned at a major solar company.

Now, Ailan works in new business leading SES’s responses and proposals to RFPs and potential new clients. This often involves project modeling and policy research. He’s also responsible for all incentive applications for NY-state projects as well as building out SES’s marketing arm. Ailan is super-organized with a love of spreadsheets and models. Who doesn’t love spreadsheets?

Ailan graduated Williams College with a B.A. in Geoscience, and has done further coursework in Commercial PV Project Modeling and more traditional corporate finance. Obsessed with playing soccer, Ailan can be found Sunday nights in Brooklyn Bridge Park playing for his Sunday League team.


Marci Hunt LeBrun

Office Manager

Marci joined the SES team part-time in January of 2019 and handles a variety of administrative and accounting tasks. She attributes her genuine passion for color-coded spreadsheets and tidy, well-kept databases to her moon in Virgo. While she doesn’t have a background in renewable energy, Marci has always attempted to maintain a small ecological footprint and prides herself on being a year-round bike commuter.

When she’s not helping keep things in order at the office, Marci stays busy with her freelance web design business and a constant rotation of hobbies and interests including photography, ceramics, woodworking, sewing, and cycling.

Marci grew up in coastal Rhode Island and until recently, always thought of the beach as “home.” However, these days she’s spending most of her free time renovating a small cabin in the northern Catskills and is starting to feel very much at home in the mountains too.

Guy Hartley

Warehouse Manager

Guy joined SES in November 2018. His background in marketing and events was impressive, but it was his 8 years in warehouse management in the fashion industry that made him the perfect candidate for our new Warehouse Manager. Guy makes sure that every roof manager has the tools and materials they need to get the job done right. He also helps out with ordering materials, then makes sure that they are received and stored correctly in our New Jersey warehouse. Obsessively organized, Guy makes sure everything has a place and ALWAYS feels better when that thing is in the correct place. :)

OSHA 30 certified and a graduate of the school of life, Guy’s motto is, “Never fail to plan. Never plan to fail!”

On weekends, he’ll be sleeping in, skating (Guy’s been skateboarding for almost 30 years and still skates every week), or just hanging with his fiancé, Susanne, and their 3 dogs, Buster, Eli, and Telly. He’s also a DJ—How cool is that!


Michael Tranzilli

Construction Manager,
O&M team

Michael started working on the crew in 2010. Now, in addition to being a Construction Manager, he is also an integral part of the Operations & Maintenance Team. Before joining SES, Michael was a bouncer at three different bars at the same time — not what you’d expect from the friendly, personable, great communicator we work with now.

Things to know about Michael: He makes an excellent Pasta Al Forno, he’s addicted to coffee, and he wakes up at 4:00am every morning to work out (which may explain the addiction to coffee). He spends his weekends with his wife, Colleen, his daughter, Mckenna, and his son, Cristofano.

Matt Morris

Construction Manager

Matt graduated from New Paltz with a BA in Graphic Design. But after working in the industry for 5 years, he decided to pursue his true passion: culinary arts. Starting as a line cook in upstate New York, Matt honed his craft working in the Hudson Valley’s best restaurants. In 2011, Matt moved to NYC to work alongside Tom Colicchio and the Craft staff. Finally after 8 years in restaurants (one of which was spent running The Greenwich Project), Matt decided once again to venture out into a different!

Which brought him to us—Matthew started working with SES in August 2016. In May 2019, Matt's preparation and willingness to take on more responsibility lead to a promotion to Construction Manager.

Fun fact: When Matthew is not on "the roof" he can be found working as a metal fabricator, running, or volunteering at Badass animal rescue, occupy kitchen, and various progressive political organizations.

Joe Plonski

Construction Manager

Joe joined the SES team in November 2017. He is a native New Yorker from Queens who decided to make the move from working with oysters to working with solar panels. Sort of a “surf and roof guy.” Yes, we have another oyster shucker in our midst!

A graduate from Queensborough Community College with a liberal arts degree, Joe’s previous work experience involved a lot of oyster shucking for various restaurants and open oyster bars. He feels he learned the importance of teamwork and physical labor working as a furniture mover. With SES, he quickly excelled at solar installation and when asked, he willingly stepped up to lead. That lead to his natural promotion to Construction Manager in May 2019.

Joe’s into extreme sports like skating and BMX biking and he really enjoys wintertime because he’s a snowboarder! On Sunday mornings, you might find him in the Poconos of Pennsylvania or… you might see him moonlighting at some oyster bar.


Justin Bereman

O&M TEAM, wiring specialist

Justin’s been working at SES since November 2011 and learned everything solar from working on the crew. He’s currently a Construction Manager and his main responsibility is doing the PV wiring on each system being installed. He’s knows how to troubleshoot problems as they happen and is responsible for quality control of the job site.

Fun facts: He used to compete in sharp shooting competitions and when he was 10 years old, he wanted to be a Marine Biologist. Today, he is not only a Construction Manager, but is also a professional freelance photographer, specializing in nature & wildlife photography.

Dramane Ilboudo

O&M Team

Originally from Burkina Faso, West Africa, Dramane has two Associates degrees: One is in Animal Medicine—he used to be a Veterinary Assistant in his home country! The other degree is in…you guessed it…Solar Technology! 

Dramane joined the SES team in January of 2018 after he passed his NABCEP PV Installer Associate Exam. Starting on the install crew, Dramane’s naturally inquisitive, focused, and calm yet hard working nature got him noticed—he was soon selected to join the O&M team. Always present and a quick-learner, Dramane is now commissioning new systems, completing repairs, and setting up and configuring monitoring platforms.

Dramane likes black-eyed beans over rice (called “benga” in his local language), reggae, zouglou, and Jackie Chan movies.

Ivan Coellar

O&M Team

Ivan started working with SES at the end of 2018. He’d worked in residential solar for over 6 years and was leader of the installation crew while working on projects in New York and Massachusetts. Some of the projects he is most proud of were a project helping lower income residents and installing solar for a well-known air force base. Wanting to move on to greater things, he started looking for a job opportunity where he could learn about bigger systems. That’s when he found SES—and with all of his prior solar experience, he started working immediately with the O&M team.

When given a task, Ivan gives it 100 percent—he is focused, highly motivated, and gets things done. As a team player, he likes to learn about commercial solar from his co-workers and supervisors and is quickly becoming an integral part of the O&M team.

On Sunday mornings, you can usually find him riding his motorcycle in the mountains of upstate New York.

Shawaf Ali

O&M Team

Ali started working with us in August 2018. He’d been working in construction for several years with a roofing company when he heard about SES. He stepped out of his comfort zone and applied.

From day one, Ali brought his passion and enthusiasm to learn to his job on the install crew. He was hungry for knowledge and got more and more skilled in solar PV systems every day. As a result, he was quickly promoted to the Operations & Maintenance team.

Now, as an O&M Technician, he optimizes performance of PV systems by collecting and analyzing data. He also helps with performance reports, making sure all our PV systems have a clean bill of health all year round. He loves the daily problem-solving the most. He says it never gets boring and everyday is filled with new intriguing lessons. Ali’s goal is to be NABCEP-board certified by the end of the year.

In the early mornings on hot summer weekends, you can find him cooling off at the beach. He’s addicted to swimming and tries to get as much swimming in before the winter.

Tywon Clarke

O&M Team

Tywon had 8 years experience as a roofer, a laborer, and had even worked in Asbestos before he completed a BWI job training program. That training program led him to us in September 2018. His work history, credentials, and personality were a great fit for our install crew. He was also OSHA 30-certified. 

One of the hardest workers on the roof and a natural leader, he was always ready and willing to train new co-workers and show them the ropes. That great balance between work ethic and cooperative leadership skills led to his quick promotion to the O&M Team.

Now, his work days begin with daily morning meetings and writing emails, but everything after that varies from inspecting roofs, fixing modules, repairing inverters, or pulling wire.

Tywon is a vegan who makes the best Barbecue Cauliflower and collects two-dollar bills. He’s a die-hard NY Knicks fan. On Tuesday nights, you can find him screaming at the TV, either because the Knicks are losing or the Yankees are winning.

Shawn Gargagliano

Install Crew, head problem-solver

Shawn has been an installer for SES since 2011: “Mark hired me because I knew how to use a ratchet handle and because I was and am older than him. There have been very few old man jokes since I started working on the crew. You’re welcome, Mark.” Shawn likes working outside, he likes the guys he’s working with, and he likes the feeling he gets from working at a job that is looking to the future.

After graduating from art school in 1975, Shawn supported his art habit and his family working as a carpenter and cabinet maker. He still paints and makes sculpture, putting SES scraps and refuse into some of his work. He’s part of a group of guys who work in the trades and have mounted a yearly art show for the past 17 years.

Dante Johnson

Install Crew

Dante heard about the job opening at SES through a friend and started working with us in November 2012. Before SES, Dante had worked at the Department of Transportation. Now, as a part of the Install Crew, he not only installs solar panels but he works on the wire team too. Dante’s a fast learner who brings good energy and dedication to work everyday.

At age 10, Dante wanted to be a lawyer. His favorite movie is Love & Basketball, he likes to sleep in until noon on Sundays, and on rainy days, he loves to sit and listen to the rain.


Office Mascot

Gretchen joined the SES team in 2015. When she's not napping in David's office or feasting on foreign objects, she might be seen chasing Seaplanes taking off from Newtown Creek.

Eduardo Degraham

Install Crew

Eduardo, who’s been with the crew since February 2016, is half-panel-builder/half-wire-guy. He's all about teamwork and an ultra-keen attention-to-detail—Show this guy how to do something once and he makes sure it’s always done that way!

He’s completed a ton of technical schooling, which taught him all about solar, electric, plumbing, and carpentry. Now he’s got three solar-related certifications, plus OSHA 10.

Eduardo loves to play chess, dominoes, and basketball, but his absolute favorite: crossword puzzles (because they keep his mind on par). On weekends, he can be found in the park or gym playing basketball, hanging out with his girlfriend, Victoria, and eating his mom’s good cooking.

Joe Morrone

Install Crew

Joe joined SES in August of 2017, after learning of the company from his longtime friend Tom Shaner (of RayTray sales fame)—he and Tom had met while working on a commercial together 20+ years ago, shortly after graduating Film School at Full Sail University in Florida. After working in the film business for 15 years he opened an Italian Cafe, but found that being a guest at a restaurant is far more enjoyable to him than owning one. From there, he ventured into sales of reclaimed architectural elements and furniture made from reclaimed wood at two different design firms. An environmentally-conscious sensibility and a lifetime of working with his hands starting as a child with his father’s general contracting firm led him to SES.

Joe and his wife travel as often as they can. In between those trips and his working as one of our solar technicians, you can find him fly fishing in the cooler months, surfing in the warmer ones, making a new piece of furniture from some fine wood, or cooking a new adventurous meal with his wife and daughter.


We take great pride in our record.

Solar Energy Systems, LLC, has twice been recognized for Outstanding Performance by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and is the first clean-tech investment by the New York City Investment Fund (, a private fund with a civic mission.

In 2011, SES launched SES Renewable Assets (SESRA); a dedicated solar financing division providing financing options for solar systems at little or no upfront cost to our customers. SES financing programs include Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and Solar Leases that minimize or eliminate the cost of ownership.

Solar Energy Systems, LLC, has North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Certified Solar PV Installers on staff. SES is recognized as an Eligible Solar PV Installer by New York funding entities NYSERDA and Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), as well as New Jersey’s Clean Energy Fund. SES is an Electrical Limited Solar Contractor (PV1) in Connecticut and is a Connecticut Clean Energy Fund Eligible Installer.